About Sharon

Great leadership is about others and not about the leader.
Lead and inspire others without being self-serving.

Sharon started her path to leadership and being an entrepreneur, beginning work at the young but wise age of 15. Since her early ambitions she has continuously moved forward leading the way and inspiring others.

Sharon Burstein is an award winning author, and one of America’s most respected speakers. She has trained and spoken to thousands of people of all ages, students and adults using her training and leadership methods. Through her speaking, training, consulting and coaching, Sharon inspires people, building their confidence to achieve more success in life. She enables people to create and recognize their inner and outer Leadership Image. Sharon has created numerous award winning books and programs, has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. Her high energy and enthusiasm that she brings to everything she does is contagious.

The roots of Sharon’s career began in education, where she had the privilege of working at the collegiate level and with elementary students. Throughout her career she has been an International consultant, writer and speaker. She worked  in executive management with diverse and national corporations and educational institutions before creating her own global companies, Sharon Burstein International – marketing, consulting, public relations, special events and her sportswear company more than 25 years ago. Sharon is highly respected in motivation, professional development and Leadership Image. She is inspirational and motivational in all of life’s pursuits.

Sharon is an award winning author and PR strategist, entrepreneur and owner of several patents. She has developed and produced award-winning television programs and documentaries and has an extensive media background both in front and in back of the cameras. She has written numerous articles for the media spanning diverse subjects, published and authored award winning motivational and leadership books and cookbooks.

When not found speaking, writing or consulting, Sharon finds her greatest joy spending quality time with her family and friends in New York and on Lake George.

Sharon Burstein motivates audiences of all ages across America

Sharon’s Leadership Image talks and training provide your audience with meaningful strategies to be more effective leaders in all aspects of life.