The 5th Annual Leadership Summit America

October 29-30, 2020

INVEST in YOU, Your Leadership and Your Future

If you could Increase the effectiveness and of your Leadership and success 2-3 times, can you imagine the impact on your career and in life?

The 5th Annual Leadership Summit America is THE Leadership event to help propel you, your career and life to the next level. If you are looking to achieve greater success, you will be amazed how much you will learn and grow in just 2 days. Learn and be inspired by the best names. A fun filled, jam packed, interactive event that can help you make the connections you have been looking for.

Learn to lead authentically with tools, tips and strategies that can transform your life, build stronger teams, with effective results that can change you, your career and have positive impact in the world.

A unique 2-day one of a kind networking and educational event, Leadership Summit America is perfect for entrepreneurs, corporations, associations and individuals. This flagship event, now in its third year brings top powerful global leaders and speakers together to present and discuss innovative ideas and critical issues, along with panel discussions and workshops that have been meticulously developed to provide you with the key vital critical information that you need and crave to further build you and your team for the present and prepare for the future.

You will be amazed how much you will achieve and expand your Leadership on every level in just two days. You will leave Leadership Summit America with strategies, tips and tools that you can immediately implement in your leadership, your career and in life. This is THE power packed interactive event that builds life changing career and life connections.

Attendance is limited to only 150 to provide optimum opportunities for making connections with speakers, attendees and sponsors and the interactive nature of the summit.

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Who Attends
  • Business Leaders
  • Corporate Leaders – Chairmen, CEO’s, Presidents, HR, COO’s, Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Large and Small Companies
  • Business Teams

Leaders from cross industries, influencers, as well as decision-makers for their organizations. Conference attendees include leaders and emerging leaders, technology experts, corporate representatives, administrators,  HR professionals and entrepreneurs. Attendees come from diverse organizations and corporations spanning both public and private sectors.

Why YOU Need to Attend
  • Develop critical knowledge and expertise about Leadership
  • Build and upgrade your Leadership effectiveness
  • Network with other key decision Leaders
  • Be Inspired by other Global Speakers and Industry Leaders

Cultivate new ways of thinking, take action in life, have greater understanding of leadership, Leadership Image, and be inspired to create excellence with lasting impressions in your career, leadership and life.

What Our Attendees Have to Say

  • Sarah Martinez
    I have been enjoying your book "Life Snacks". I truly enjoyed my experience at the Leadership Summit - Albany and I want to thank you for the opportunity! The experience significantly helped me get into the mindset I needed to achieve my goals. I am putting my goals on paper tonight for the first time since last spring and I am feeling very fortunate and blessed.
    Sarah Martinez
    Development - New York State Special Olympics
  • Donna Douglas
    Words cannot express how appreciative I am for attending your OUTSTANDING Leadership Summit in Albany last week. Amazing Speakers! I hope Bermuda can host either the Women’s Retreat or the Leadership Summit in the near future.
    Donna Douglas
    Bermuda Tourism
  • Lee-Ann Modestino
    I’ve thought many times about the Leadership Summit and just wanted to say Thank You! It was very motivational and inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great speakers, great content and wonderful new people to meet.
    Lee-Ann Modestino
    Sotheby’s International
  • Joseph Rossi
    The Leadership Summit conference was a great experience. We walked away with several takeaways, which is the name of the game. Keep us posted on future events and dates.
    Joseph Rossi
    Vice President, Global Sales - Transfinder Corporation
  • Theresa Smolen
    Thank you Sharon Burstein for sharing your leadership and “Life Snacks” wisdom today! I enjoyed it very much and left with a bounce in my step and my chin up after standing shoulder to shoulder with other women, led by Sharon, in a fist pump to the sky and emphasis on own your strength and potential. Just what I needed! Sharon’s leadership wisdom and motivational speech on Leadership Image and Life provided bite-sized practical information to take away and incorporate into my life bit professionally and personally. Her presentation style is engaging and uplifting with pearls of wisdom that apply to not only being a working professional, but to simply being a person that people want to be around. I CAN DO IT!
    Theresa Smolen
    Media Consultant/Photographer, Smolin Photography and Productions
  • Eileen Doyon
    What a fabulous event! Leadership Summit America was absolutely amazing.
    Eileen Doyon
    Business Entrepreneur/ Author – New Hampshire
  • Kathy Miller
    Once again after spending time with you, I came away a better person. Your Leadership America Summit was amazing! Each dynamic speaker left us with a message. Thank you for the opportunity to grow!
    Kathy Miller
    Women Business Enterprise
  • Emily Stephens
    Can’t say how amazing and thankful I am to have had the honor to go to the Leadership Summit America conference and meet such amazing people, thank you again!
    Emily Stephens
    Special Olympics
  • Alissa Quinn
    Thank you very much for hosting such a wonderful program. Simply phenomenal! Congratulations on such a great success!
    Alissa Quinn
    SVP Wealth Management; The Quinn Wealth Management Group; UBS Financial Services
  • Ann Parillo
    You are Ms. Awesome! Leadership Summit America was such a fabulous event. I can’t imagine that everyone didn’t come away with at least 20 new thoughts and changes that they can make in their lives. The presenters were all really wonderful. You have a knack at bringing just the right people together.
    Ann Parillo
    Television Host, Schenectady Today Show

Propelling YOU and Your Leadership to Levels of Success

Inspiration . Innovation . Connect . Success


  • Attendees will benefit from the tips, strategies and insights provided which are beneficial in countless ways in all aspects of career, leadership and life.
  • Designed to provide you with innovative ways to think and grow your leadership to its true and key potential for your present and future.
  • Understand your role as a leader, building a culture of communication and team support.
  • Create a positive mindset and vision for your leadership success.
  • Develop insights and understanding of your Leadership Image.
  • Connect to others that will expand you, your business and career.
  • Identify and understand your values and what drives you as a leader to carry out your organization’s vision.
  • Build your legacy as a “Leader of Excellence”.

Why Attend?

  • Connect to key business and industry leaders.
  • Network with key decision leaders with your products and services.
  • Build upon your Leadership excellence effectiveness
  • Invest in your leadership success for your career and life

Attendee Benefits

  • The tips, strategies and insights provided are beneficial in countless ways in all aspects of career, leadership and life.
  • Tremendous assets for those interested in achieving Leadership Excellence.
  • Designed to provide you with innovative ways to think and grow your leadership to its true and key potential for your present and future.
  • Understand your role as a leader, building a culture of communication and team support.
  • Build your legacy as a “Leader of Excellence”.

Who should attend?

Bringing together leaders and emerging leaders from a variety of backgrounds and organizational levels, which include: business, education, not for profit, associations and government. A wonderful unique opportunity to connect with people who share a common goal for greater effective of leadership and understanding their personal Leadership Image.

Sessions are designed to meet the interests and needs of diverse attendees

  • Any person or leader who is new to their role
  • Leaders who want to become more effective in their leadership
  • Individuals who are interested in achieving leadership excellence in their career, leadership and life
  • People who are committed to growth, teamwork, productivity and achieving greater success in life

What you will learn

  • How to be a more effective and improved leader
  • Tips and strategies for building effective leadership vision and results
  • How to think in new ways, be more innovative and explore communication strategies and tools
  • Understand your role as a leader and how to build strong dedicated effective teams
  • Adapt ideas and insights to improve your company and organization
  • Create stronger communication skills to build relationships that sustain through time.
  • Greater understanding of the elements of leadership to achieve greater leadership results

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