Set yourself up to be around positive people who are sucessful in their area and people you can grow from. Observe the good characteristics in each that you admire and weave them into your own life tapestry.

Sharon customizes each leadership program to your audience,
understanding that each group has different goals, objectives and needs.

Sharon’s Most Requested Speaking Topics:

How You Can Be an Effective Leader

What’s Your Leadership Image

Leadership Image Steps to Success

Make it Happen! Think – Yes I Can

Discover the Leadership Image Within You

Leadership Image Secrets for Success

Growing Leadership Skills and Success for Students

Extreme Leadership Image Success Secrets

Sharpen Your Leadership Image – Be YOUniquely You

Who Benefits From Sharon’s Speaking Presentations?

Addressing corporate groups, schools or conferences, Sharon’s motivational approach to thinking and creativity, equip people of all ages with tools they can use for greater success in life.

  • Corporate Management
  • College Students
  • Professional Groups
  • Leadership Development
  • Graduate School
  • Young Professionals
  • Educators
  • Parents

Why Book Sharon Burstein

  • More than 25 years of executive experience and is the expert on Leadership Image.
  • Award-winning author, global marketing and pr strategist.
  • Engaging powerful speaker on Leadership Image and success.
  • Presents strategies that have the power to change lives.
  • Presents strategies that have the power to change lives.
  • Makes you think and approach life and your career in different ways
  • Builds stronger leadership skills.
  • Helps people to better understand themselves and others.

The Ideal Professional Speaker for Your Next Conference or Event

Sharon Burstein motivates audiences of all ages across America

Sharon Burstein is an award winning author, speaker and is recognized a one of America’s most respected speakers and trainers. Annually she trains thousands of people using her training and leadership methods. Through her speaking, consulting, training and coaching, Sharon has life changing impact on people’s lives.

Sharon captivates, motivates and inspires your audience guiding them to the path of positive leadership.

You will learn how to:

Identify leadership styles

Develop your own leadership style

Understand elements of leadership to use in life

Build Confidence, Character, and Leadership

Understand elements of leadership to use in life

Whether addressing conferences, schools or corporate meetings, her hands on approach is inspiring, creative, practical and real.

Sharon is committed to making a difference in people’s lives, helping them develop tools to achieve great success in all aspects of their personal and professional life. You and your audience will be inspired, become more confident, and learn leadership skills through the life tips shared along with Sharon’s tremendous enthusiasm.

You will learn skills to help you soar in life and in your career.
  • You Can Be an Effective Leader
  • Tips to Confidently Achieve More in Your Life
  • Finding Your Savvy – Discovering Your Own Leadership Style
  • Leadership Steps to Success
  • How do I make it happen! –  Think – YES I CAN!
  • Laugh, Learn and BE inspired – Discovering the Leader Within YOU
  • Teaching Kids to Be Leaders in Life
Sharon is the perfect speaker for:
  • National Student Leadership Conferences
  • Women in Leadership Conferences
  • Greek Life Conferences
  • College and Universities
  • Business Schools
  • High School Student Assemblies
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Education Conferences
  • Executive Management Retreats
  • Parent Organizations
  • Youth Groups
Presentation Details:

Length of presentations:

The length of speaking can be tuned to your needs

90 minutes, Half Day, Full Day, Multiple Days

Size of Groups is Flexible:

From Small Retreats to Filled Auditoriums

Some of Sharon's Recent Speaking Engagements Include: