Great leadership is about others and not about the leader.
Lead and inspire others without being self-serving.

Sharon started her path to leadership and being an entrepreneur, beginning work at the young but wise age of 15. Since her early ambitions she has continuously moved forward leading the way and inspiring others.

Sharon Burstein is an award winning author, and one of America’s most respected speakers. She has trained and spoken to thousands of people of all ages, students and adults using her training and leadership methods. Through her speaking, training, consulting and coaching, Sharon inspires people, building their confidence to achieve more success in life. She enables people to create and recognize their inner and outer Leadership Image. Sharon has created numerous award winning books and programs, has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. Her high energy and enthusiasm that she brings to everything she does is contagious.

The roots of Sharon’s career began in education, where she had the privilege of working at the collegiate level and with elementary students. Throughout her career she has been an International consultant, writer and speaker. She worked  in executive management with diverse and national corporations and educational institutions before creating her own global companies, Sharon Burstein International – marketing, consulting, public relations, special events and her sportswear company more than 25 years ago. Sharon is highly respected in motivation, professional development and Leadership Image. She is inspirational and motivational in all of life’s pursuits.

Sharon is an award winning author and PR strategist, entrepreneur and owner of several patents. She has developed and produced award-winning television programs and documentaries and has an extensive media background both in front and in back of the cameras. She has written numerous articles for the media spanning diverse subjects, published and authored award winning motivational and leadership books and cookbooks.

When not found speaking, writing or consulting, Sharon finds her greatest joy spending quality time with her family and friends in New York and on Lake George.

Sharon Burstein motivates audiences of all ages across America

Sharon’s Leadership Image talks and training provide your audience with meaningful strategies to be more effective leaders in all aspects of life.
  • Speaker Bio: Forbes Riley - Sharon Burstein
    They say you are the Sum of the 5 People you are closest to -- well my life rocks with Rockstar Entrepreneur & Global Leadership Speaker and Coach Sharon Burstein.
    Forbes Riley
    Iconic – TV Host, The Forbes Factor
  • Walt Gassel
    It has been a privilege to have Sharon Burstein as a guest on my radio show. The hour just flew by. Sharon has expertise and a unique point of view on Leadership Image that people of all ages can relate to. She explains her concepts clearly for listener and her examples are easy to relate to. She listens to follow-up questions and provides thoughtful, concise meaningful answers. I highly recommend Sharon as a guest on your show.
    Walt Gassel
    Radio Host, Stand Up and Speak Up – Rockstar Worldwide Network
  • Marc Kaplan
    Sharon is a master communicator and a motivational leader. I have seen her successfully lead a variety of events with everyone in the audience involved feeling appreciated and important. Sharon is a treasure.
    Marc Kaplan
    Executive Communications Professional, Journalist, Radio Host
  • Lee Ann Peterson
    WOW, great content, great messages and tips. A wonderful presentation! The audience loved you and your books!
    Lee Ann Peterson
    Association of Women in Advocacy – Washington, DC
  • Theresa Smolen
    Thank you Sharon Burstein for sharing your leadership and “Life Snacks” wisdom today! I enjoyed it very much and left with a bounce in my step and my chin up after standing shoulder to shoulder with other women, led by Sharon, in a fist pump to the sky and emphasis on own your strength and potential. Just what I needed! Sharon’s leadership wisdom and motivational speech on Leadership Image and Life provided bite-sized practical information to take away and incorporate into my life bit professionally and personally. Her presentation style is engaging and uplifting with pearls of wisdom that apply to not only being a working professional, but to simply being a person that people want to be around. I CAN DO IT!
    Theresa Smolen
    Media Consultant/Photographer, Smolin Photography and Productions
  • Wauneata Waller
    You were fantastic! Everyone enjoyed your presentation and inspiring words all weekend. Thank you for an amazing and uplifting keynote that set the tone for our entire conference.
    Wauneata Waller
    Executive Director, Girlfriends Get Away Weekend – New York
  • Mark Dugas
    Our campus team at Skidmore loved how you brought us all together. We all had such fun. You got us connected together in a way that we have never been before which is great.
    Mark Dugas
    Skidmore College – Saratoga Springs, New York
  • James E. Poole
    Your keynote was engaging, lively, clear and most positive. Thank you for sharing valuable lessons on speaking and leadership with students who will soon be off to college. You did an outstanding job with both their attention and participation of the group. The students learned a great deal.
    James E. Poole
    English Faculty, The Albany Academies
  • Thank you so much for speaking today. You were magnificent, wonderful and everyone loved you! WOW to your speaking tips and strategies, which were inspiring on so many levels!!!
    CEO, Shush Styles & Shoes; President, FemCity – New York
  • Sarah Agrentieri
    Sharon is a wonderful, motivational speaker. She was full of enthusiasm and passion. She had our students up and moving and excited. She made them part of her presentation. Her message about leadership reached so many of our students. She did a book signing for them, as well. She is a great motivator and public speaker. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker!
    Sarah Agrentieri
    Webster Schools – Massachusetts
  • Kathryn Hills
    Through her vast experience in the corporate world and educations, Sharon brings understanding of Leadership and Leadership Image to a new level and an area that everyone can benefit from. Through her speaking, training and books she brings clarity to everyone on what Leadership Image is and how knowing your Leadership Image builds confidence and success. Anyone in a leadership position will greatly benefit from her knowledge and applicable strategies.
    Kathryn Hills
    Head of School, Loudonville Christian School
  • Sharon Burstein is a remarkable speaker. Ms Burstein excelled at Leadership Summit America conference, where she was engaging, and her talk was both relevant and timely. Her slides were a nice augment to the inspirational points, but it was her spontaneity and her connection with the audience that was the most memorable. Sharon was both lively and patient. She always took the time needed to encourage audience participation and built mutual respect with high impact. Speaking excellence! Highly recommended.
    Lynette Louise
    CEO – Brain and Body, CA; The Brain Broad
  • Kathy Miller
    You are phenomenal! I think you could tell from the group’s response how much everyone enjoyed your keynote presentation on Leadership. We have never had such a “buzz” in the room!
    Kathy Miller
    President, Women’s Business Group – New York
  • JB – Massachusetts
    Our audience was so fired up after Sharon’s presentation! She was wonderfully motivating and uplifting and really inspired everyone! This was thought provoking and life changing.
    JB – Massachusetts
  • Lori Rehm
    You were great and just what our team needed! I know all of the women from the Professional Women’s Group, thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and left the room motivated and empowered. What’s better than that?
    Lori Rehm
    Director of Sales, The Sagamore Resort – Lake George, New York
  • Louise Rutherford
    Our team gained a lot of knowledge through the adventures of discovery with your speaking and presentation with us on Leadership Image. Your guidance and leadership helped to bring us together as a team, making us stronger and you helped us create excellence with lasting impressions.
    Louise Rutherford
    Assistant Superintendent – Camden Central School District, New York
  • Lynn Rogers
    What a wonderful presentation! Everyone I spoke with had such positive things to say. Thank you for your uplifting presentation on 'Leadership Success Secrets -- How to Be Your Best Everyday.' What an energetic and positive way to carry us forward with your timeless tips!
    Lynn Rogers
    Director of Academic Programs – Siena College
  • If you're looking for a speaker who will deliver great content mixed with inspiration, then you need to book my friend Sharon Burstein. Sharon is AMAZING and your audience will LOVE her! Book Sharon today You'll be SO grateful you did!
    James Malinchak
    Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire"; Author of 20 Books, including "Millionaire Success Secrets"
  • Rachael Morford
    Sharon’s presentation at our University end-of-year event was engaging and inspiring. Rarely have our student body showed so much enthusiasm during a speaker’s presentation. Sharon was empowering and passionate from the start. She was dedicated to creating a program that fit our organization’s specific needs, and took care to ensure that her presentation fit with the spirit of our organization’s work. We absolutely recommend Sharon Burstein to every company and/or organization wishing to provide their employees and/or members with the kind of motivation, which leaves crowds energized and inspired.
    Rachael Morford
    Program Director, Northeastern University – Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sara Turcozy
    Thank you Sharon Burstein for the amazing day of building each other up and learning about how to be better communicators, listeners and leaders. The day was filled with learning, laughs and so much fun! You have made an everlasting impression on MLB Construction Services and have inspired us all to be better team members.
    Sara Turcozy
    MLB Construction Services – New York
  • Brent Kemper
    Thank you for your outstanding presentation provided at our Mid-Year Leadership Summit Conference. The research into our company, combined with your material for self-awareness was truly motivation and inspiring to our leaders. Your preparedness and knowledge of our Division has been evidenced by feedback ascertained after the meeting. We cannot thank you enough for your enlightenment and will see you again in the future.
    Brent Kemper
    Gordon Food Service – Taunton, MA
  • Thien Ho
    Thank you for your presentation at the Talent Management Vietnam 2017. It was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable. Our attendees loved you and your presentation.
    Thien Ho
    HR Media Corporation, Vietnam
  • Quan Huynh
    Thank you for your presentation with great speakership on Leadership Success and the Bottom Line at our Talent Management Vietnam 2017 event. You made a great day for us. If I know any one who needs a speaker, I will definitely recommend you.
    Quan Huynh
    CEO, HR Media Corporation, Vietnam
  • Jill A. Lubin
    Sharon Burstein writes insightful books and is an amazing keynote speaker. Sharon’s tips, stories and lessons are a must for anyone and everyone looking to develop and grow their Leadership Image and skill set.
    Jill A. Lubin
    3x Best Selling Author & International Speaker,
  • David Goldstein
    Sharon Burstein is a leader who instinctively understands what her audience wants and overlooks no detail before, during or after her speaking. If you have the opportunity to work with Sharon, take it. You and your organization will be much more successful for it.
    David Goldstein
    President - Goldstein Auctions, NY, NY
  • Penny B. Abulencia
    Thank you for speaking at our Nurses Recognition luncheon. Your comments were heartfelt and inspiring to all of those who attend.  Your book “Life Snacks” was a great added bonus and appreciated by our nursing staff. We sometimes forget how as nurses we can have an enormous impact on those we serve and their families. Thank you for reminding us in such a positive and uplifting way.
    Penny B. Abulencia
    Sr. VP, Executive Director Loretto System