August 30, 2021

Chris Smith

The Diabetic Chef, Certified Executive Chef, Cookbook Author, Public Speaker, National Spokesperson
August 30, 2021

Kay McMahon

Co-owner of eduKaytion Golf, Director of Instruction, Award-Winning Golf Professional and Teacher
July 9, 2021

Sue Phillips

Internationally Renowned Fragrance Expert, Owner of Scenterprises, Fragrance Developer Major Brands
July 9, 2021

Benita Zahn

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Health Reporter, Producer and Host of WNYT "Health Beat"
June 30, 2021

Dr. Steve Taubman

Bestselling Author of book, UnHyponosis, World-Class Speaker, Founder of The Magic of Inner Selling
September 12, 2020

Lynette Louise

"The Brain Broad", Founder of Braid and Body, Awarding Winning Author, Speaker, Host, & Consultant
September 11, 2020

Christopher Salem

Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Professional Speaker
August 9, 2019

Angela Beddoe

President/CEO of Beddoe Publishing, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Herlife Magazine-New York