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Leadership Summit Albany 2017 will be even greater and more spectacular than 2016. It is THE Leadership event to help propel you, your career and life to the next level. If you are looking to achieve greater success, you will be amazed how much you will learn and grow in just 2 days. Learn and be inspired by the best names. A fun filled, jam packed, interactive event that can help you make the connections you have been looking for.

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Jeff Hoffman


Sharon Burstein


Lynette Louise

Speaker Bio: Forbes Riley - Sharon Burstein

Forbes Riley


Frank Shankwitz


Marilyn Suey

November 2-3, 2017

Thursday, November 2
Registration: 8am - 9am
Schedule: 9am - 5:30 pm

Friday, November 3
Schedule: 8:30 am - 1pm

Hotel and Conference Center

660 Albany Shaker Road
Albany, New York 12211

What Our Attendees Have to Say

  • Sarah Turcozy
    I am so happy that I got to attend LSA this year – what a great experience! Thank you for creating putting this event together. I was truly moved by you and the other speakers and inspired to work harder and continue to build my legacy. Thanks again for a great summit! I am so grateful to have you in my life as a mentor and friend.
    Sarah Turcozy
    MLB Construction Services, LLC
  • Donna Douglas
    Words cannot express how appreciative I am for attending your OUTSTANDING Leadership Summit in Albany last week. Amazing Speakers! I hope Bermuda can host either the Women’s Retreat or the Leadership Summit in the near future.
    Donna Douglas
    Bermuda Tourism
  • Joseph Rossi
    The Leadership Summit conference was a great experience. We walked away with several takeaways, which is the name of the game. Keep us posted on future events and dates.
    Joseph Rossi
    Vice President, Global Sales - Transfinder Corporation
  • Valerie Caputo
    I wanted to share that I am so thankful for you creating, organizing at Leadership Summit America. It was a truly unique experience. I have never attended a conference before where every speaker provided such interesting, insightful, inspirational and motivational speeches and discusses. Although it’s been several weeks, I am still feeling refreshed and re-energized from attending this training.
    Valerie Caputo
    New York Independent System Operator
  • Maya McNulty
    Thank you, Sharon for your brilliance and extraordinary vision. Leadership Summit America has helped me to learn new business strategies, improve my Leadership skills, and connect with industry leaders. It's been a game changer for me, and business. Always go VIP! I'm so excited and grateful. You have been crushing it with Leadership Summit America. You are a Rockstar!! Keep up the great work.
    Maya McNulty
    Up the Biz
  • Peggy Gray
    What an absolutely wonderful Leadership Summit America conference for the 4th year in a row. Every year it gets better so I expect next year to be the best yet! I highly recommend this conference for everyone!
    Peggy Gray
    CEO - 22 Shades of Gray New York
  • Yuvette Wayman
    Sharon empowered and engaged everyone in the audience at General Electric. We learned how to apply a series of career developing tools that will be helpful in all both my professional and personal life. Leadership Summit America 2019 and 2018 has been amazing and looking forward to 2020.
    Yuvette Wayman
    General Electric

Leadership Summit – Albany is a two- day conference committed to helping people establish, grow and develop greater visions and values in their leadership for the present and for their future. It is for individuals, corporations and organizations providing a unique blend of vision, inspiration, practical skills and strategies that can be immediately applied in your career, Leadership and life.

The Albany Leadership Summit will take place November 2-3, 2017 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, New York.

Schedule for the Albany will begin at 9:00 am on Thursday November 2 and conclude at 5:30 pm for the general session. Day two begins at 8:30 am, Friday November 3, concluding at 1:00 pm. Investment of the Albany Leadership Summit is only $297 for the full two-day conference, or you can add the VIP upgrade to $427, which includes a cocktail reception, sit down dinner and photos with speakers on Thursday evening. VIP upgrade is limited to only 40 people.

Attendance is limited to only 150 to provide optimum opportunities for making connections with speakers, attendees and sponsors and the interactive nature of the summit.

Learn to lead authentically with tools, tips and strategies that can transform your life, build stronger teams, with effective results that can change you, your career and have positive impact in the world.

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Created to build and provide leadership skills for all phases of your Leadership life path.

  • Attendees will benefit from the tips, strategies and insights provided which are beneficial in countless ways in all aspects of career, leadership and life.
  • Designed to provide you with innovative ways to think and grow your leadership to its true and key potential for your present and future.
  • Understand your role as a leader, building a culture of communication and team support.
  • Create a positive mindset and vision for your leadership success.
  • Develop insights and understanding of your Leadership Image.
  • Connect to others that will expand you, your business and career.
  • Identify and understand your values and what drives you as a leader to carry out your organization’s vision.
  • Build your legacy as a “Leader of Excellence”.

Why Attend?

  • Connect to key business and industry leaders.
  • Network with key decision leaders with your products and services.
  • Build upon your Leadership excellence effectiveness
  • Invest in your leadership success for your career and life

Attendee Benefits

  • The tips, strategies and insights provided are beneficial in countless ways in all aspects of career, leadership and life.
  • Tremendous assets for those interested in achieving Leadership Excellence.
  • Designed to provide you with innovative ways to think and grow your leadership to its true and key potential for your present and future.
  • Understand your role as a leader, building a culture of communication and team support.
  • Build your legacy as a “Leader of Excellence”.

Who should attend?

Bringing together leaders and emerging leaders from a variety of backgrounds and organizational levels, which include: business, education, not for profit, associations and government. A wonderful unique opportunity to connect with people who share a common goal for greater effective of leadership and understanding their personal Leadership Image.

Sessions are designed to meet the interests and needs of diverse attendees

  • Any person or leader who is new to their role
  • Leaders who want to become more effective in their leadership
  • Individuals who are interested in achieving leadership excellence in their career, leadership and life
  • People who are committed to growth, teamwork, productivity and achieving greater success in life

What you will learn

  • How to be a more effective and improved leader
  • Tips and strategies for building effective leadership vision and results
  • How to think in new ways, be more innovative and explore communication strategies and tools
  • Understand your role as a leader and how to build strong dedicated effective teams
  • Adapt ideas and insights to improve your company and organization
  • Create stronger communication skills to build relationships that sustain through time.
  • Greater understanding of the elements of leadership to achieve greater leadership results


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